This Lovecraft Life

There is a substantial element of fun in being a Lovecraftian. You always wanted to belong to a small and mostly unsuspicious cult while simultaneously being able to whisper about the forbidden knowledge left behind by ancient, pre-human civilizations? Come right in, feel at home! It’s a literary, intellectual cult. And the only sacrifices you need to make are the costs of your library and the time needed to study the unholy texts left behind by those who ‘went mad’ before you.

It can be a lot of fun to meet with similar-minded people both on the web and in real life. But being a Lovecraftian also has an impact on your everyday life. Don’t tell me you don’t believe that. I know you do.  Remember the last Walpurgis Night? How you really had to pull an all-nighter because the atmosphere was so deliciously lovecraftian? Gotcha.

Now while I am fully capable of transforming my thoughts into fluid readable text, I do so at a much slower pace than old HPL did. So I will post them here whenever I find time and inspiration. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them!

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