About me

Not dead, but dreaming. In a  certain way. 🙂

I am a student of Computer Science, whose chosen field of education is unfortunately rather un-lovecraftian. Although some may disagree, there lies only little horror between the familiar transistors and memory cells of a modern-day computer once you’ve grasped its operating principles and its technical constraints.

Instead, I seek horror in other, more classical places: The weird worlds and myth cycles conjured up by our spiritual predecessors as well as those created by modern-day Lovecraftians. I love to read and write about them and share my thoughts with other fans. There is a certain unique world view embedded within these works, a fascinating philosophy with a grim and dark prophecy for the eventual fate of mankind.

While the fate of most protagonists in the Mythos is rather gruesome, I hope my visitors will enjoy reading my thoughts and opinions, without going mad at the eldritch horrors lurking in the world outside.

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